Carry on X-Men poster by Chris Weston
Carry on X-Men (X-men / Carry on film Series Mashup)
By Chris Weston
One of the best mashup posters ever, Marvel turned down Chris's approach for permission to release it as a print (Boo hiss), even though fan boys everywhere were clambering for one.

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ABOUT Carry on Films
The Carry On films are a sequence of 31 low-budget British comedy motion pictures produced between 1958 and 1992. The films' humour was in the British comic tradition of the music hall and seaside postcards. Producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas drew on a regular group of actors, the Carry On team, that included Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Hattie Jacques, Terry Scott, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Jack Douglas and Jim Dale.