The Thing poster art by James White
The Thing (1982)
By james White
James talked about this design on his blog;
“I started this design hot on the heels of completing the BLADE RUNNER poster. I’m continuously learning new tricks and processes as I go, so I wanted to really dial in on the style I explored in BLADE RUNNER and simplify it. Really concentrate on the shapes that make up the highlights and shadows. The goal was to reduce the overall number of points, but really make them count. Smooth curves. The over-arcing concept was to depict the alien taking human form, so I knew early on I needed some kind of weird abstract alien gore in there which proved to be the toughest challenge. I sought reference in the film, but I didn’t want hands, or tentacles, or a spider-head. I wanted a mess of scary “whatever”. I had to draw it all from the ground up (pencil and paper, kids) and on the third attempt it finally fell into place. From there it hit the scanner to be re-built in Illustrator…” Read more at James' Blog

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ABOUT The Thing
Back when everything that director John Carpenter touched turned to gold, he gave the world one of the best scifi/horror movies ever. The Thing. Starring Kurt Russell, the story follows a group of scientists in the Antarctic who are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.