Reservoir Dogs poster by Joshua Budich
Reservoir Dogs (1992)
By Joshua Budich
Released back in 2011 for Spoke Art’s “Quentin vs. Coen," a show that consisted of more than 100 artists showing their love for either the Coen’s or Tarantino, using print, paint and sculpture. Joshua had this to say at the time to the Huffington post;
“"As I re-watched [the film] to research this piece, I couldn't help but notice the relative simplicity of the film as a whole," he said. "Barely more than a few sets combined with a handful of memorable characters. You could easily throw this entire production on a stage in a small high school auditorium and successfully reenact the movie with no problem at all. That is what I love about it, and that's what I wanted to capture in my homage."
It was limited to 150, all signed and numbered and coming in at 24”x36”.

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ABOUT Reservoir Dogs
Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut, After a simple jewelery heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.